My line of inquiry takes two seemingly unrelated objects and combines them to create a kind of visual pun, or metaphor, a point of departure to enable a new understanding. I rely heavily on humour and interaction in my work as vehicles to complete this transformation. I encourage the viewers kinesthetic actions, breaking down the formal expectations of high art. In doing so, I seduce the viewer, drawing them into my work under the guise of a deceptively simple narrative, where deeper interpretations are not initially apparent, until the viewer has completely absorbed the work.

The practice of perfecting the skills needed to execute a concept into reality is at the heart of all fine art and design. As an sculptor I have become almost obsessed with the almost infinite amount of possibilities revealed to one involved in the process of molding and casting. Like mirror reflections objects become subjects and vice versa as the materiality becomes the medium and the medium is the...My aim is always to create a synthesis between the practical and theoretical sides to my practice, merging ancient techniques and contemporary analysis.

Design Korea, Seoul, Creative Canadian Contingent, SoKorea, 2017
Scope Miami Art Show, Bombay Sapphire Gallery, Miami, 2016
Culture Crawl Art Fair, Studio 202, 1000 Parker, Vancouver, 2016.
Cityscape Gallery, 'Extraordinary' Group show, N.Vancouver. 2015.
Gordon Smith Gallery, Group Show, N. Vancouver. 2014.
The Capilano Textile & Studio Art, Group Show, Vancouver. 2013.
Capilano Gallery, East to West, Group Show, N. Vancouver. 2012.
Capilano Gallery, TedX, Ted Talks Group Show, Vancouver. 2011.
Capilano Gallery, Plus One, Group Show, N.Vancouver 2010.
Art Mur Gallery, Recollect, Collective Show, Montreal Q.C. 2009.
Studio 5262, Painters Collective Show, Montreal, Quebec. 2008.

2011-14 - Capilano University, Printmaking Institute, N.Vancouver, B.C.Certificate Awarded
2009-11 - Capilano University, Sculpture Institute, N.Vancouver, B.C.Certificate Awarded
2006-08 - Concordia University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Montreal, Quebec, Degree Awarded
2004-06 - Capilano College, Fine Art Department Studio Arts Program, N.Vancouver, B.C., Diploma Awarded